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Welcome to Interkey Inc

Interkey unlocks growth for companies in many different industries across the United States. We want our clients to succeed and to scale and that only works with products and services that deliver results.

We don't offer fluff that doesn't work. Everything we recommend for your business will drastically improve your success and give you the results you are looking for right now.

Whether you're looking for an amazing lead generation product that delivers leads now, or you need a search engine optimization strategy to dominate the local search in your area, or a professional website that is designed to convert traffic like a lead magnet, or a social media campaigns that produce more leads than you can handle, our experience and approach are sure to prove to be a valuable asset for you and deliver results that will blow you away.

Our products and services are built on systems that can be powerful for your business to unlock it to massive growth.

Scott Williams

Founder & Head of Growth

Scott founded Interkey in 2018 because he saw a solution to a problem for several local businesses in his hometown of Spokane, Wa. His experience and success have helped small businesses earn more revenue by helping and teaching businesses how to attract more customers to their business.

His journey started in 2010, when he got a job with a local hearing aid company, Huston Hearing. With no experience in digital marketing, he was put in a position where he had to learn how to market for the company with zero experience.

5 years later after being self-taught and taking courses from gurus in nearly every marketing field, he was able to increase the company from one location into three locations and a thriving business bursting out the seams with customers. By implementing SEO strategies and other marketing techniques as well as efficient website conversion techniques, the business caught the attention of a national chain that purchased them for over $1.5 million.

During that time Scott graduated with a Visual Communication Degree from Eastern Washington University to better understand the digital marketing space and how design and branding can help with the sales conversion process.

in 2020, Scott, his wife, and his four kids, navigated through the COVID-19 pandemic and saw an even bigger need as businesses were shutting down due to economic and social restrictions. This led to an even deeper understanding of digital marketing and Interkey has helped many businesses get through struggling times, sometimes doing better during the pandemic than before, because of the expertise and experience Scott brings.

Jerry Ward

Head of Strategy

Jerry joined Scott with Interkey in 2019 to help with the increasing demand of businesses that needed help getting more customers to explode their business.

Jerry settled in Spokane in 2013 to pursue an opportunity that has helped his wife and now three kids get the mindset and willpower to create a better life for themselves.

His experience at a pathology lab, Incyte Diagnositics helped Jerry further learn how to help existing clients and retain them for the company by meeting their needs and solving their problems. His experience evolved and he is now an expert at showing businesses how they can succeed and motivates them to take action.

As Head of Strategy at Interkey, Jerry creates business strategies for many businesses that help them understand all of the things they need to do to gain a presence online and gain extraordinary amounts of exposure to attract customers.

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